Bobcat® Tilt Cylinder 2.75" BoreZoom

Bobcat® Tilt Cylinder 2.75" Bore

Item# BCK-7117174
Bobcat® Tilt Replacement Cylinder Fits Models: 773, S150, S160, S175, S185, S205, T180, T190<br />• 50% Off OEM price!<br />• Warranty 18 months versus OEM 12 month warranty.<br />• Made in the USA.<br />• In-stock, same day shipment.<br />• Reduce downtime by replacing versus repairing cylinders.<br />• High performance Freudenberg-NOK AU30000 Seal handles rated for 250<br />degrees F and up to 7250 psi; resulting in extended seal life.<br />• Cast iron steel gland with buttress threads versus aluminum OEM gland<br />means less galled or damage threads.<br />• Hardened chrome rod which is less susceptible to bending.<br />• In-stock Bobcat® seal kits available.<br />We do not have an affiliation with Bobcat®. These terms are used for identification purposes only.
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